Ms. Virginia Caballero
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Ms. Courtney Lamie
1st Grade
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Ms. Paulina Ramos Valenzuela
1st Grade
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Mrs. Asia Shaloo
2nd Grade
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Mrs. Lenna Bohland
3rd Grade
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Ms. Kaylee Tucker 
3rd Grade
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Mrs. Catherine Klock
4th Grade
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Ms. Priscilla Ochoa
4th Grade 
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Ms. Adilene Quintana
5th Grade
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Ms. Jessica Shupe
5th Grade
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Mr. David Paun
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Ms. Emily Lambert
K-5 Gate Teacher
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Mrs. Jamie Cox 
7th & 8th Grade Science
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6th Grade Math & Science

6th Grade ELA & Social Studies 

6th & 7th Accelerated Math

Ms. Angela Francisco
7th & 8th Grade Social Studies
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Ms. Claudia Lopez-Otero
7th & 8th Grade Math and HS Algebra
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Ms. Aazar Haddad
7th & 8th Grade ELA
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Ms. Samantha Lyons
6-8 ELD
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Coach David Williams K-8
Physical Education (PE)
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Exceptional Education
Ms. Susan Burrows
School Psychologist
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Mr. Eric Goble
Speech Pathologist
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Ms. Maria Enriquez
Ex. Ed. Social Worker
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Mrs. Chau-Tam Sisterman
Occupational Therapist
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Ms. Amina Rashad
CCS Resource
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Ms. Maria Tevis
CCS Resource
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Mr. Jesus Vasquez
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Assistant Principal
Ms. Melina Ramos
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Office Staff
Mrs. Rose Calistro
Office Manager
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Ms. Jodie Wolfe
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Ms. Carolyn Raper
School Nurse
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Ms. Judy Ember
Health Assistant
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Ms. Melina Ramos
Dean of Students
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Ms. Kylie Wright
Guidance & Counseling 
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Support Staff
Mrs. Stephanie Werner
MTSS Facilitator
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Mr. John Mark A. Tagalog
Math Specialist
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Ms. Maria Enriquez
Social Worker
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Mr. Angel Ycedo
Restorative Practice Facilitator
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Mrs. Carolyn Hall
Computer Technician
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Curriculum Service Provider

Mr. Bill Pearson
African American Student Services
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Ms. Ada Mortensen
Reading Recovery
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Librarian Assistant

Mr. Bill Voice
In-School Intervention Teacher
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Mrs. Julie Wanat
Community Liason
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Ms. Barbara Coughlin
Kinder Teacher Assistant

Mr. Daniel Nix
2nd Grade Teacher Assistant

Ms. Merete Gasstrom
3-5 Grade ELA 
5 Grade Math
Fine Arts
Mr. Alan Honeker
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Mr. Travis Boswell
Art Teacher
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Mrs. Alanah Dickinson
OMA & Choir
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Custodians and Monitors
Ms. Valerie Hodson

Ms. Andrea Quesada

Ms. Joanna Ramos

Ms. Maria Urquijo-Durazo
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